About us


Unified Technicians was founded in January 2011 by Alex Oosterman. Because he is naturally skilled with technology, he started to work in the IT industry from the age of 15. Wherein he focused on IT support in the SMB sectors and observed that many of the highly skilled technicians were self-employed.

Unified technicians was created as a coalition of Independent IT contractors that focuses on delivering customer satisfaction and fast response time. Certainly, we recognize every organization’s business objective. We also believe that each company is distinctive and has its own IT requirements. Therefore, our company lets you focus more on your strategic and other schemes.

Most importantly, we established ourselves to be different from other IT service providers. Since, we are people working with people as a result, our customers are always on top of our minds. So, we assign 1 to 2 dedicated engineers that thoroughly understand each client’s system.  Above all, our technicians are experienced, highly skilled, dedicated, disciplined and nimble that fully understood your business model.

Our business readily relates to many of our clients because of our compact size. Chances are we may have been through some of the same growing pains. As a result, we don’t only see the technical side of business but the financial costs too. And Unified technicians constantly deliver the most timely and cost-effective services focused on leveraging technology to increase business productivity.

We see to it that our company is up to date with the latest beneficial IT developments, and we are always planning exciting new services and products for our clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any recommendations, requests or points of view, or would simply like to know more about our company and its services.

Reasons to Choose Us


Certainly, we try to think of each issue from a financial standpoint.  And the solutions we provide need to make dollars and sense.


Since, your time is precious. Therefore, you deserve a technician that is knowledgeable on all facets of your IT systems and can resolve issues quickly.

Customer Service

Because we’re people too – we know how frustrating it can be to be connected to a call center for technical support. But, we’re different – Since, we always keep the human factor in mind.





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FAQ – IT Services

Q: Is our company too small to need services from UT?


A:  Of course not! We work with everyone from single person operations to multi-national conglomerates. And everything in between! Certainly, no matter the size of your business we can offer suggestions that will help streamline your business processes.


Q: Can we get a tour of the data center?


A:  Cleanliness is next to godliness! We’d love to show you around! I mean – In short, how can you trust your servers are going somewhere safe without seeing it yourself?


Q: Are all your backups stored in Canada only?


A:  Yes it is! This is great for those companies looking for top notch security without going through the prying eyes of other governments. Therefore, we can ensure end-to-end communication from your office to our data center will never leave Canada.


Q: Where do you have technicians located?


A:  We have technicians available in most major cities throughout Canada. In addition, our national team is supported by our NOC located in Toronto, Ontario


Q: Are we required to sign a monthly retainer?


A: Of course not! Because our retainers are designed for clients who require guaranteed response time to issues as they arise. But, we know everyone doesn’t need this type of ultra fast response time and will work with you to get your issues resolved as soon as possible.